What Is A Crypto Exchange?

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies. It’s a new-age currency and you can trade on these currencies. A crypto exchange is a place where you buy, sell, and trade your digital currencies.

Cryptocurrencies are highly profitable currencies these days. Hence, people don’t only store them. They trade these currencies on some reliable crypto exchanges.



SWYFTX Australia is an Australian crypto exchange. Any Australian can trade on this exchange with AUD. They have a stringently secured platform. Moreover, their trading fees are low and they have over 250 crypto assets on their trading platform. Therefore, it’s a reliable and safe Australian crypto exchange.




1) Easy To Join

This crypto exchange has some easy steps to open an account and to join trading sessions. You just have to open your free account on their site. Then, you have to verify your account and you don’t have to wait for this verification process. After that, you can transfer AUD to this exchange and you can start trading. This trading platform can be operated through your mobile and computer. So, joining and trading on this platform is really easy.


2) Great For Beginners

The best part of this trading exchange is their demo mode. Many people don’t know – how a crypto exchange works! That’s why SWYFTX has introduced demo mode. The demo mode helps a newcomer developing some basic ideas about the platform. So, anybody can learn crypto trading on this platform.


3) Advanced Security Measures

Cryptocurrencies are completely digital. As a result, this currency must have a high security level. SWYFTX knows this. Hence, they have introduced biometric login. Thus, you don’t have to remember any password. Apart from that, they have ‘multi-factor authentication’ and AI to detect security breaches. So, you are completely safe on this crypto exchange.


4) Professional Trading Tools

SWYFTX has got various types of trading tools for professional traders. They have easy tax reporting, order books, live price feed, and portfolio tracking.

Traders can also use – stop loss, market order, and limit order. Moreover, they have recurring order facilities and live chat support. Therefore, this Australian trading platform is ideal for professional traders.


5) Low Fees

This crypto exchange has really low fees for trading. They also have low spreads. If you compare their spreads with other exchanges, then you will surely find the difference. This exchange has no hidden fees and no hollow promises. They are an honest and transparent Australian crypto exchange.


So, new and professionals both can come to this trading platform. SWYFTX has highly professional tools with great security measures. Hence, don’t hesitate to choose them.


You can visit their official site to know more about them – www.swyftx.com

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