Are you from Australia and are you on the lookout for the right shoes for yourself, or your family members? If yes, you obviously have many options and brands to choose from. Puma brand of shoes are also one option that you could think about. Puma is a well-known, famous and time-tested footwear brand. They are not only into manufacture and marketing of footwear but also are into other types of items that are associated with sports and fitness. As it is the case in many countries and continents of the world, there is hardly any doubt that Puma shoes still continue to continue respect and admiration of millions of people across Australia. How do they continue to be so popular when there are so many other international brands and many local brands of Australia? It would be interesting to find out answers for the same over the next few lines.

It is popular across all ages

Many brands of shoes and even other consumables often cater to only one generation of customers. They often fade away as tastes, fashions and customer preferences change. However, this is not the case with Puma shoes, across the world and of course in Australia. The brand has been able to keep pace with changing fashions and always remained contemporary. At the same time, they also have been able to keep the old-generation happy with some shoe designs and colors that are in line with their requirements. Hence, they have been able to broad base their appeal across various segments and age groups of customers and this perhaps is a big reason for their success in Australia.

Wide Variety

Another big reason for the success of this brand in Australia is perhaps because they have a huge variety of shoes and footwear to offer.

Webex is a popular online meeting option. It allows various end-users to be in a position to meet one another. This can be done without leaving one’s office or home. It is quite simple to operate and it requires only a separate phone line with internet access. One can log into the meeting with the help of the internet. The good thing about this technology is that the end-user will be able to see the presenter’s computer screen. When you call the respective conference phone number, you will be in a position to hear and have a look at other participants and the presenters. There is one more that is known as webex calling wallboard and in this article, we will learn more about it.

What Does Webex Calling Wallboard Offer

There are quite a few things that can be done to make use of the Webex calling wallboard facility. You can make these calls by assigning the right calling option. This facility is perfectly suited for those who have organizations to cater or for even those who have individual needs. The quality of your calling experience will depend on the account setting that you have in place.



Video & Audio Calls Are Possible

When you have the right Webex calling wallboard, you also can make both video and audio calls. This could come in handy when you need to make calls to somebody while you are on the move from one place to another.

Desktop & Smart Phones

With the right Webex calling wallboard, it is also possible to call people even if they have other phone numbers. You can make use of the desktop, laptop, and other devices to make these calls. It can be done with people who are within the organization or even if

You will be pleased to realize that there are many benefits in regard to using a co working space. Justco AU is pleased to have a great office in Australia that provides co working spaces for various needs. Here for your convenience, we share some of the wonderful benefits of using a co working space.


1 Increased opportunities for networking


When you decide to use a co working space, you will truly be meeting more people. This is because many different types of people from a wide variety of backgrounds and businesses constantly engage in the usage of a co working space. As a result, this will allow you to talk to more people and engage in interesting conversations with more business professionals. This is called networking. You indeed will be exposed to more networking opportunities that you would not have if you did not engage in the usage of a co working space.


As a result, you will be benefited with opportunities to collaborate on more projects, gain more clients, etc. Also, the co working space can serve as a wonderful location where you can meet with other business people to learn from their valuable insights. As well, they will be able to learn from the valuable and helpful information that you have to provide. Therefore, working alone in your office at home can really be the reason why you have a lack of contacts and networking opportunities. But you will be amazed by how much networking you can do when you use an awesome co working space.

2 Better productivity results


When you engage in the usage of a co working space, then the reality is that you can likely achieve better results in regard to your level of productivity. This is particularly

It is not easy to sell diesel fuel trailers for sale due to the number of people who are trying to sell the exact same thing. it would be better if you think you will get a lot of views and not when it is the other way around. As a result, better make sure that your advertisement would contain all the details needed so that any interested buyer would not need to ask too many questions. When the person knows about these sort of vehicles, then it won’t be long before you would get down to the bottom of the deal in order to get it over and done with. Of course, the most important detail that you must reveal is the maximum fuel that the trailer can contain since that is basically its purpose. There is a reason why oil companies are the usual buyers of this type of vehicle.

Pictures of the diesel fuel trailers for sale must be put there so the buyers would know right away the condition the trailer is in. After all, you would not want to receive any type of complaints from customers who chose to buy it then later on regret it. That would be their fault for not asking questions. The record of the dates it was taken to the nearby service centers should also be shown. After all, you would want nothing more than to show them that you took good care of the diesel fuel trailer. It is not something you can just set aside when the working hours are over. The price is one thing that you must put in there so that the interested parties would know if the price is within their budget. Finally, put your contact number so that they will contact you if …

When you are working in the real estate industry, you can benefit from the use of aerial photography Sydney as it offers you the accurate view of the landscapes and buildings. When you are thinking of selling any property then you should opt for this photography so that you will not have to worry about any capturing the view of the property or land. Hence, you will also be able to attract the attention of the potential property buyers who will be impressed with the quality of the photographs so that you will enjoy the desired kind of results. When you hire an experienced photographer, you will get high quality images of the property captured so that you will enjoy getting the best results from the use of the photographs.


There are many reasons why you should consider aerial photography Sydney and the most important reason is that it helps in marketing your property so that you will get the desired property value. The photograph that you get is considered as an effective and popular tool for marketing your property to a large number of property buyers so that you will get the best kind of outcome. When it is difficult to take the right image of the property, then it is more feasible that you opt for aerial photography so that you will get to capture the right footage of the difficult parts of the property. Even the largest piece of land can easily be photographed which might be impractical and impossible with the other alternatives for photography. Getting synoptic view of the land is only possible with the help of aerial photography so that you will get a cost effective and time saving option for your real estate need. You will also be able to offer timely …

People purchase a car for commuting to their workplace, traveling, shopping or other reasons. They invest a large amount in the car, especially if they purchase a new car. However, after a few years or decades, the car owner may find that he does not require the car. Since parking space is wasted for the car, which is not used, he will try to sell it. In other cases, the car owner may require money urgently due to a financial emergency, and would like to sell the car. Hence he would like to find out, where to find someone to buy your car at a reasonable price.


A car buyer has multiple options for selling his car. If the car is in good condition, he can sell the car privately to another buyer who is looking for a cheap or second hand car. In this case the car buyer may get a better price since there is no middleman involved. However, the process of selling the car directly is very time consuming. The car owner has to prepare the car for the sale, cleaning and repairing it. He also has to advertise the car online and offline, so that potential buyers are aware of the car sale. When a car buyer is interested, the seller will also have to arrange for an inspection, negotiate the price.


Since a direct car sale will take a longer time, if the car buyer is interested in getting money quickly, he can contact the local car dealership, especially used car dealers in the area. In addition to selling cars, these car dealers are also buying cars from car owners. The car dealers are usually aware that the car owner wishes to sell the car quickly, so they usually offer lower prices compared …

A large number of businesses, individuals and startups have limited resources, funds for renting office space so they are interested in getting the best deal at the lowest price. While some may work from home, this can affect their professional networking, since they do not interact with others. Hence they would like to find out the best options available for co working in Australia. 


One of the most popular co-working spaces in Australia is Justco which offers multiple options at five locations in Melbourne and Sydney in the central business district (CBD) of these cities.




One of the main advantages of becoming a Justco member in Australia, is that the member can use the Justco address as their mailing address for all the business correspondence. This will create a positive impression on their business associates. Also Justco offers mail handling services, so even if the member is not present at the Justco premises, their staff will sign for the member to take delivery. Another advantage is that housekeeping and maintenance of the office premises is fully taken care of by Justco, so the members can concentrate on their work.




To cater to the requirement of freelancers and businesses of all sizes, Justco is offering different plans. For those who require only a business address which they can use only once a month, the Justco Basic plan is the most affordable option. Businesses who require unlimited access to their Justco work space can opt for the Justco Unlimited option which they can access whenever they wish. If they require a specific desk space with storage, they can opt for justdesk dedicated. For businesses with larger teams requiring privacy, the Justdesk studio option is also available.


The price of the plans varies depending on

Do you have a large order which can wait for delivery? If so, take advantage of our substantially discounted prices for deliveries directly from the Far East. Besides our extensive range of stock items, you can also take profit from our offices established in Hong Kong and China to offer you a complete and fast service.

Our Hong Kong sourcing office holds a network of partners, offering a reliable service and guarantee for any of your orders. Besides that, all of our orders are inspected by our QC offices in China who follow our quality standards.

Take advantage of our best services:

Goingreen Bags

Due to the ecological implications that the usage of plastic bags cause in our forests and oceans, the idea to search for new alternative materials that support the planet’s sustainable development was born.

Following this premise we have launched a new product line of re-usable bags, which can be 100% personalized to suit your customers’ needs.

Create your own bag: Choose one of the various materials, the size, the finishing and the printing, and create a new design yourself! Your bag can be 100% personalized as full colour printing on all sides are available.

USB. Service 21

The USB Flash Drives are small, lightweight, removable and rewritable, the ideal promotional product for quick and efficient promotions. Decide the USB design, the capacity (from 512 Mb to 16 Gb), and where to place your logo, and in only 21 days your order will be delivered.

With our 21 days service you can select any of our USB from our Pacific Solutions catalogue, and in only 3 weeks from the order confirmation, it will be delivered to you. You can also choose from our 2D and 3D customized special shapes delivered in only 25 days. Create your own …


Item# G31384


  • Unattached black lanyard included
  • Packaged in white gift box
  • One year warranty

55.5mm W x 19.5mm H x 10mm D

100 per carton (3.2kg approx.) Packed into standard white gift box and Free lanyard

Screen Printing (SP): Both Sides: 29mm W x 12mm H (max. 4 colours)
Laser Engraving (LE):
Both Sides: 29mm W x 12mm H

Stainless steel, ABS plastic

1-Colour / Position Imprint or 1-Position Laser Engrave

15 Working Days

General Info

1 Year Warranty

Defective USBs will be refunded or replaced if such defect is not caused by customer. Defective USBs must be returned. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted. This warranty does not apply to data upload.

USB Decoration Techniques


Less than Minimum

Less than minimum not available for this product.

Website Illustrations

Product colours shown throughout this webpage may vary slightly from actual products due to inherent limitations in photography, film separations, offset printing and plastic moulding processes.

Product Colour Variance

Due to the nature of the materials and the variance in manufactured products, we cannot guarantee exact matches within orders or on repeat orders. Like-named colours in different materials may not be an exact colour match. In our continuing effort to improve our products, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice.


Freight charge will be added to invoice. Norwood BIC Graphic cannot assume responsibility for time delays in transit.

Standard Freight

  • Catalogue quantity orders will ship via a Norwood BIC Graphic Specified Carrier.
  • Lighters contain flammable gas. They will freight by Standard Road Service.
  • Ground and Air Parcel Service Rates are subject to change with 24hrs notice.
  • Norwood BIC Graphic reserves the right to change carrier and service level without notice.
  • Any claims

Local SEO is a search engine optimization strategy that plays the role of helping your business to be more visible in the local search results on Google. A business that serves a geographical area or has a physical location can reap very many benefits from local SEO.

The evolution of SEO.

In the early days of the internet, websites were quite a few hence it was easy browsing on a website. Since the internet expanded extremely quickly, search engines were designed to enable users to find their desired sites easily and quickly.

Just by typing a phrase into a search engine, it will be matched with the websites that include the keywords in the search phrase. Google was able to use the same approach and then was able to dominate all the other search engines the moment it became the first to use link between sites as an indication of which websites had authority and were trusted.

Currently, Google considered a variety of factors both on and off the website to determine whether it’s relevant to be displayed as a search result. These factors normally form your digital footprint and every other factor carries a different value or weight which the search engine combines and then returns results. Your digital footprint normally determines whether or not you are a top an inquiry that a user types into Google.

What normally matters most for local SEO?

What does this exactly mean to search marketers? Although the local map pack is displayed within the standard Google organic search listing, separate algorithms power the main Google search results for local rankings as well as the local map pack results. As a local business, you do have the chance to appear with both the local map pack as well as the main organic search …