Are Diana Ferrari shoes still popular

The Diana Shoe Company, a tiny, family-owned leather products business in the Melbourne suburb of Preston, was purchased in 1979, giving birth to the company.


When clearing the warehouse for the takeover, the owner discovered an older last that served as the foundation for the company’s most famous shoe. The previous owners called it Diana Ferrari and showed it to the current owners as the ‘Ferrari’ last.


The brand has maintained its name and remained dedicated to using good quality of latex and creating knowledge on traditional leather shoe manufacturing methods.


Who is Diana Ferrari?


Diana Ferrari is among Australia’s best known and well-loved labels, and one that ladies are proud to wear. Their collection of classic and new boots, sneakers, and heels are all made from the highest quality products and are suitable for both work and play. Diana Ferrari’s collection was created for trendy women looking for footwear with extra support features and a great fit.


Are Diana Ferrari shoes still popular?


The shoes are manufactured keeping purchaser’s satisfaction in mind. The brand focuses on refining and making the online and in-store presence to provide the best and personalized shopping experiences.


The shoes are an exploration of texture and pattern with bold colours and super soft classics.


The Supersoft collection was launched in the 1980s as an advanced comfortable brand focused on genuine C-fittings, and has since become associated with incredible shoes that could be worn the whole day, each day without sacrificing performance in Australia.


Diana Ferrari, who is known for her exquisite artistry and style-driven creations made of indulgent leather, can add a touch of relaxed elegance to any traditional woman’s style. Explore new shoes that combine femininity with a street fashion design, from trendy shoes to flats.


These shoes are still popular among women. These shoes provide the best comfort while walking. This collection includes all kinds of trendy shoes, heels, and flats keeping the needs in mind.


Super soft collection of shoes


Supersoft shoes offer a wide range of on-trend models with a broader ?€C’ fit, dual surface shielded foot bed, and 3millimetres densely packed thin foam insoles, all made for comfort and a smoother texture.


Supersoft by Diana Ferrari recognizes that footwear should fit into your lifestyle, and is designed with that in mind. High heels, boots, and sandals from Diana Ferrari’s Supersoft comfortable shoes collection feature absorbent and padded leather coatings so your foot can catch pace with you.


Comfort Technology


The shoes are manufactured from 3 millimeters of high-quality latex foam. This cushioning method is used in the supersoft collection. The shoes Provide comfort in walking.


Double layer cushion

  • The 1. 3millimetres latex padding is flexible, durable, and caresses the foot in comfort.
  • 3mm high-density material that absorbs shock and offers long-term wear support.


Forepart cushion


  • 3mm latex foam with a greater density.
  • 3mm high-density memory foam.
  • 3mm high-density material that aids in shock absorption and prolongs wear support.
  • Exclusively built flexible grooves in a highly robust rubber sole for optimum versatility.


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