People purchase a car for commuting to their workplace, traveling, shopping or other reasons. They invest a large amount in the car, especially if they purchase a new car. However, after a few years or decades, the car owner may find that he does not require the car. Since parking space is wasted for the car, which is not used, he will try to sell it. In other cases, the car owner may require money urgently due to a financial emergency, and would like to sell the car. Hence he would like to find out, where to find someone to buy your car at a reasonable price.


A car buyer has multiple options for selling his car. If the car is in good condition, he can sell the car privately to another buyer who is looking for a cheap or second hand car. In this case the car buyer may get a better price since there is no middleman involved. However, the process of selling the car directly is very time consuming. The car owner has to prepare the car for the sale, cleaning and repairing it. He also has to advertise the car online and offline, so that potential buyers are aware of the car sale. When a car buyer is interested, the seller will also have to arrange for an inspection, negotiate the price.


Since a direct car sale will take a longer time, if the car buyer is interested in getting money quickly, he can contact the local car dealership, especially used car dealers in the area. In addition to selling cars, these car dealers are also buying cars from car owners. The car dealers are usually aware that the car owner wishes to sell the car quickly, so they usually offer lower prices compared to direct sales. The dealer will justify the low price, since he may have to wait for weeks or months before he finds a buyer for the used car. However, for decades, the local car dealer was the best option.



With the advent of the internet, there are many car buying websites in australia like carbuyers which allow the car owner to get the best deal for the car they wish to sell conveniently. The car owner only has to provide information about his car like model number, year, make , mileage, personal contact details, and schedule an inspection of the car. After this carbuyers will make an offer for the car. Since the carbuyers has lower overheads compared to the local dealer, and uses technology extensively, they usually offer a much better price than the car dealer.

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