A large number of businesses, individuals and startups have limited resources, funds for renting office space so they are interested in getting the best deal at the lowest price. While some may work from home, this can affect their professional networking, since they do not interact with others. Hence they would like to find out the best options available for co working in Australia. 


One of the most popular co-working spaces in Australia is Justco which offers multiple options at five locations in Melbourne and Sydney in the central business district (CBD) of these cities.




One of the main advantages of becoming a Justco member in Australia, is that the member can use the Justco address as their mailing address for all the business correspondence. This will create a positive impression on their business associates. Also Justco offers mail handling services, so even if the member is not present at the Justco premises, their staff will sign for the member to take delivery. Another advantage is that housekeeping and maintenance of the office premises is fully taken care of by Justco, so the members can concentrate on their work.




To cater to the requirement of freelancers and businesses of all sizes, Justco is offering different plans. For those who require only a business address which they can use only once a month, the Justco Basic plan is the most affordable option. Businesses who require unlimited access to their Justco work space can opt for the Justco Unlimited option which they can access whenever they wish. If they require a specific desk space with storage, they can opt for justdesk dedicated. For businesses with larger teams requiring privacy, the Justdesk studio option is also available.


The price of the plans varies depending on the location, though the Justco Basic is the cheapest membership option in Australia, priced at Australian $100 per month. The members are billed monthly for the membership plan for which they have enrolled themselves and the facilities which they are using, like meeting rooms, or snacks. Justco has security for the premises 24/7 and has the latest security, safety devices like CCTVs installed. Access to the Justco facilities is possible only using a swipe card which is given to each member, especially for members who have unlimited access.




Members and others can book the Justco facilities for holding different events like seminars, product launches, networking events and conferences. The Justco staff has many years experience in holding events and can help our client organize the event, providing assistance for decor, audio visual, entertainment and catering with the help of the Justco members. They can also arrange for breakout events which are open to the public and members. The room set up can be modified based on the requirement of the client, and spaces of different sizes are also available to cater to the different number of people who will attend.


Meeting Rooms


Members and others can also book a meeting room in any of Justco locations in Melbourne and Sydney. These meeting rooms are ideal for those who find it difficult to discuss matters with their business associates in noisy cafes. The clients are billed for the meeting room on an hourly basis, and the fees depend on the size of the room and other facilities available. The smallest rooms can accommodate 4 people while larger rooms are suitable for ten or more people. All the rooms have a whiteboard and screen which is required for making a presentation or discussing other matters.


Other facilities


All the Justco facilities have free WiFi for members, and also free IT support if they face any technical problem. Additionally they have business grade photocopying, printing and faxing facilities, which the members can use if they wish. 


The member will be billed depending on their usage. They also have a well stocked pantry, with free water, coffee and tea. The interiors of all the Justco facilities are well designed and decorated with the latest paintings, artifacts. High quality ergonomically designed furniture like tables, chairs, sofas are used, so that members can work for a long time without feeling tired. Justco is also holding networking events, educational seminars for their members so that they can meet others and get information which will help them personally and professionally.

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