An Effective Corporate Wellness Platform in Singapore

As Singapore’s workforce clocks an average of 44.9 hours a week an effective corporate wellness platform in Singapore is crucial. It helps combat the negative effects of insufficient sleep, stress, and potential burnout. Whether a company offers a gym or simply a yoga class, the benefits of a corporate wellness program are significant.


Using an exergames corporate wellness platform in the workplace is an increasingly popular method of increasing workplace morale and productivity. However, the benefits are not widely understood. This study aims to find out the factors that influence the adoption and impact of exergames and an effective corporate wellness platform in the workplace.

The use of exergames has been associated with increased physical activity, improved cognitive function, and a reduction in the risk of falling. Research shows that these programs improve the ability of older people to walk, balance, and develop faster reaction times. They are also associated with an increased level of self-reliance in half of the participants.

Mindline at work

Mindline at work aims to promote mental wellness at workplaces in Singapore. It helps organizations to promote positive work cultures, improve employee self-care habits, and offer specific resources. Moreover, it helps in mitigating productivity loss due to poor mental health. Mindline at work provides a customized platform that addresses the needs of employees and addresses the causes of work-related stress.

Mindline at work is a cloud-based wellness platform that helps companies collect employee health data and create a clear wellness strategy. It also helps to reward employees and encourage them to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. This way, employees are more likely to stick to wellness initiatives.


Flabuless is a full-featured corporate wellness platform that uses a mobile app to reward employees for health-related activity. It is an effective tool for employers that seek to improve employee engagement in a health-conscious lifestyle. The app integrates with popular fitness devices and wearables to reward employees for their healthy choices and behaviors. It also offers perks for participating in wellness events and helps shape a fitness culture within organizations.

The Flabuless platform is a social fitness platform that encourages employee participation and competition. This platform is available for both individual and corporate clients and targets medium to large-sized organizations. Its goal is to improve employee health and reduce medical costs. It also aims to improve employee morale and boost morale. According to a recent JobsCentral survey, three out of every five Singapore workers gain weight after starting work. The most common reason cited was a lack of time for physical activity.


Onesprint is a corporate wellness platform that helps companies implement a wellness program. The program includes wellness benefits for employees at work and at home. With pricing starting as low as S$6 per employee per month, Onesprint is one of the most affordable corporate wellness solutions in Singapore.

Many companies are investing in wellness programs to improve the health and well-being of their employees. While these programs typically focus on physical activity and mental health, some also focus on nutrition and lifestyle choices. By offering a complete wellness program to employees, companies can ensure that their employees stay healthy and happy.

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